Dedicated to understanding  the remarkable emotional, social and mental abilities of birds, and the unsuspected richness of their societies.

Clever Crows

A great video showing the smart things that can be done by crows and jays with interviews with Biologists  Chrstoph Vogel, Princess Auguste of Bavaria and Zoologist Christian Rutz.

See an excerpt from the video at:


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Bird Brains - Much smarter than primates?

Rainbow lorikeet and australain pied-butcherbirdLorikeets, crows, the Australian songbirds like the magpies and butcherbirds, parrots and many other birds are very intelligent. Scientists have found that birds have twice as many neurons as chimpanzees in every gram of brain.

This explains the remarkable abilities observed in African Greys by Dr Irene Pepperberg (Alex and Me) and in Crows and Ravens by Dr John Marzluff. Scientists have continued the research that they began over 30 years ago. They have incredible memories, can count and nderstand grammar and some abstract concepts.

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Bird Brains vs Primate Brains

"Corvids in particular have been found to be capable of spontaneous analogical reasoning and can exhibit motor self-regulation on a par with great apes. Songbirds and parrots also possess the ability for vocal learning – parrots even exhibit the exceptional ability to learn words and use them to communicate with humans." says author Tatjana Hoehfurtner in her article "Are Birds As Clever as Primates?"  published on

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How do Birds Breathe - a brilliant article on Avian Respiration.

Flying takes a lot of energy.  More so the bird needs plenty of oxygen to keep it in flight.  So how do birds, most of whom are so much smaller than humans manage to breathe.  We found this extremely well written explanation on  -  with plenty of images. There are also animated gifs that demonstrate and compare the respiratory action in humans, birds, insects. Other diagrams show the similarity between dinosaurs and birds.


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Mother Duck Adopts an Orphaned Bandicoot

Mother-duck-bandicoot Lovely article in the Mandurah Mail (Western Australia) today about how a duck is caring for an orphaned bandicoot.


Read the full story and see all the pics at: Mandurah Mail










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