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Birds and Animals Celebrate at the Lilypot


minnie and cresty at the lilypot

The rains have broken the drought.  Crested pigeons and Noisy Miners share a drink at the lilypot while the other birds and animals enjoy the fresh grass, new shoots and a greeener summer.

The pictures tell a better story.

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Galahs - Room with a View - Naturally

Gum trees have plenty of nooks for our galahs and lorikeet neighbours.

a nice spot for agalah nest

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Muriel's Friends

Reader Muriel sent us this story of her Maggie friends.  

Muriel's Maggie

This is Maggie Magpie sitting on the big plant pot being hand fed.

7 Oct 08

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Lynell's Maggies - Part 2 - A New Generation

Reader Lynell sent us more news about her friends Mummy and Daddy Maggie:

To read about the earlier events (part 1) click here

16 March 08

Today I have some very sad news. My lovely Daddy Maggie died this morning & his wife Mummy Maggie is now being attacked by 6 other magpies who are trying to take over her territory.

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Your Winged Friends


    Reader's share their stories of their winged friends.   To submit your story send an email to: editor@wingedhearts.org

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