Lynell's Maggie - A Reader's Tale

Reader Lynell sent us this story and pictures:

28 Jan 08:

It’s so nice to find a site that features Magpies. I just wanted to share some photos of my Maggie. We actually had a Mum & Dad live here for the past 3 years. 

The first year watched one baby grow up and leave. The second year they had Twins…2 babies, one got pushed out of the nest by the other & was still a bit young. It could fly but not a great distance. I rang Wires to see if the would help, they told me to attach an empty ice cream container to the tree & put the bird back in it, so that Mum & Dad could feed it. My partner did that but the baby wouldn’t stay, it was probably too frightened. I rang Wires back & they said that there wasn’t anything I could do, to look tomorrow & see if it was still there……of course it wasn’t. The cat down the street probably thought he had a wonderful dinner.

So that left one baby & when it finally came out of the nest, we bought some mince & started to help Mum & Dad feed it….. we wanted it to grow up strong & healthy as we were just devastated with the loss of the first baby. Mum & Dad have been friends with us ever since, if they hear our car come down the street, they run to us! If you’ve ever seen a Magpie run, it’s the funniest sight, their little legs go 300 miles an hour Very Cute!!

We’d open the front door to find 3 magpies on the doorstep, which was hilarious! We also have  two cats who don’t bother with the birds at all, the Maggies let out a call to let me know our Cats are out in the front yard.

Once the baby left, Mum & Dad didn’t seem to come around so much anymore. We waited this year for them to have another baby but no such luck. I still keep tiny little packets of mince in the freezer for when I see them, this afternoon I went to open the front door to let a visitor in, when Maggie came running up to me all on its own. I’m a bit worried as to where its partner is, but will keep a look out for it in the next few days.

Here are some photos of my Maggie, I don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl, but it’s very tame as it eats out of my hand. When it’s had enough mince, it gathers a big ball of mince up & runs across the yard to hide the ball for later on….just in case it gets hungry I guess!

Kindest Regards




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Thank you Nellie for sharing your story and pictures. 


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