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Visits To The Magpies Nests Makes The Kookaburras Talk

The birds love us visiting their patch to look at their nests and catch a glimpse of their chicks.  Most of the time, their nests are too high up in the trees for us to get a look inside.  But once the babes are bigger and peer over the edge, we can introduce ourselves.  Sometimes the chicks even call us and stand up to show themselves.  Maggie and Vicky have always proudly shown us their nests and babes.  Larry and Harrie, the grey butcherbirds too. 

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Koels, Cuckoos and Coucals

 female koel Popularly called storm birds, many species of cuckoos live around the region.  The birds themselves tend to be shy and elusive as they are not too popular amongst the birds due to their infamous breeding habits.  The crows have fallen victim more than once and yet lovingly raised several channel-billed cuckoos.  The experience has made them quite wary and they do tend to chase the cuckoos when they can.  But the cuckoo is a persistent bird an

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Fresh back from a Christmas trip to India, we were keen to see how our birds' new offspring had managed to pull through.

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Australian Wild Birds Calendar 2008

Receive a complimentary Australian Wild Birds Calendar for 2008

These are 13 full resolution pictures which you can view on your screen or print as a desktop calendar or wall calendar. Printed on photo paper, it makes a beautiful gift to delight all through the coming year.

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