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Wild Bird Talking - Ezine 

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Wild Bird Talking (ISSN: 1835-6362) is the e-zine from WingedHearts.org with news and articles sent  to subscribers.  Special Editions are issues quarterly.  The News editions is generally issued fortnightly or when there is a timely information to be conveyed.  In these issues you can

-     Learn more about the amazingly loving, rich and interesting, social and emotional lives of birds that live freely all around the world,

-    Share your experiences with others,

-    Get tips and techniques on how you too can talk to the birds and communicate with them as friends,

-    Find out how to experience the love and joy that talking to the birds brings to your backyards and create a transformation for yourself.

-    Receive information on special offers, interviews with experts, site updates and other resources that will help you make a difference easily.


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Bonus gift 1:  Five Keys To Friendship With Wild Birds - by Gitie House

 A quick start guide describing the essential elements of talking to wild birds in your backyard or neighbourhood and making friends with them. 

-    Read the benefits of making friends with the birds that live around your home

-     Quick steps to getting started, attracting birds and winning their confidence

-     How to talk to them, recognise them and develop a rewarding friendship


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Bonus gift 2:  Free Audio and Transcript (with additional notes):

How to Help Injured or Stunned Birds Recover with Rescue Remedy

-    Rescue the injured bird in your garden and let it return to its family and loved ones. 

    Over 1 million birds are injured every year in the US alone.  Now you can use these easy steps to help save an injured bird.

-    Especially useful for birds caught by cats, or stunned by flying into glass doors and windows, or struck by cars. 

Bonus gift 3:  Australian Wild Birds E-Calendar 2014 - The monthly pages can be downloaded individually.

13 pages of full resolution pictures of Aussie Wild Birds. They look fabulous and can be used as a wallpaper on your screen or print it for a wall calendar or slip it into desktop frame.   We printed a set in 6 x 8 photo quality paper and it looks so good, we're making more up as  gifts for friends.



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