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Attracting Birds To Your Garden, Balcony or Window Sill - Part 1

The first step in making friends with the wild birds - is to create the opportunities to see them often.

Not all of us have garden or are lucky enough to live at the edge of a rainforest or a green belt.  Fortunately, birds are all around us whether we live in the city in a multi-storied apartment block or we live in the suburbs or countryside surrounded by nice lawns, shrubs and trees. The first thing you need to is to give the birds an incentive to come to your home, close enough to enable you to start forming a friendship.

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Wild Birds Love Talking To Humans

juvenile kookaburraWild Birds love communicating with each other, with birds from other species, with other animals and they absolutely love talking to humans.  They may fly off in a flurry at the very start because they may not be sure of your intentions, or they may befeeling particularly shy or self-conscious.  But once they realise that you are sincerely interested in them, they begin to respond and take an interest in you.

Once one bird gets the idea and starts

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What is Your Bird's Personality?

Every bird has its own unique personality, likes and dislikes.  Some are extroverts and like socialising.  Others are shy and feel more comfortable with just one or two friends,  preferring  to sit quietly by themselves till the crowds have gone.  Some are bold and daring, ready to try new things.  Some love singing and will croon loudly. Some never stop chirping and have much to say, while others will have their regular chat-times in the day when they will sit in their favourite nook and chortle.  And some are bossy, and lose no time in sending the others off to their bidding. There will always be some bird who is in alarmist, crying wolf at the smallest shadow and sending others off in a frenzy.

 Dimpy pied-butcherbird having a drink

 The best way to observe them is at the water bath.   Their behaviour and sound will give you many clues about their personality.

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Thornbills - Tiny Birds With Big Spirits

a pair of thornbills sitting on a fence

Thornbills (or yellow bottoms as they are fondly called) are barely 5 cms (2 inches) long. The picture on the left was taken with a 300mm zoom. Then the image was digitally enlarged.  You get the idea of how small these birds really are against objects in their natural environment.

They first attracted our attention when we were trying to photograph some peewees in a paddock. What appeared to be leaves rolling

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Not Just A Mad Galah

a galah bird sitting on edge of nest

Galahs are also called rose-breasted cockatoos and can be found almost all over Australia. With pretty pink chests and grey  coats they strike a stylish figure as they strut about the gum trees. They fly around in pairs and collect in flocks and are extremely social birds.

'Mad as a galah' is a common Aussie saying which probably originated from the fact that they can make loud screechy noises if upset and once they get into this whining state it can take quite a while to calm them down. 

There was a time when I too thought they were somewhat crazy.  Every night when we took our dogs Scotty and Benny for a walk, one particular galah who should have been fast asleep in his tree high above us and in no danger whatsoever from anything around, would start screeching and wake up the whole neighbourhood in the process.

But Galahs are far from mad.  They are very friendly birds. They love showing you their nests and introducing you to their friends and family. 

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