Wild Birds Love Talking To Humans

juvenile kookaburraWild Birds love communicating with each other, with birds from other species, with other animals and they absolutely love talking to humans.  They may fly off in a flurry at the very start because they may not be sure of your intentions, or they may befeeling particularly shy or self-conscious.  But once they realise that you are sincerely interested in them, they begin to respond and take an interest in you.

Once one bird gets the idea and starts

communicating with you, others watch the interaction with interest and decide to start a conversation too.

The young kookaburra on the right is one of the birds who watched us chit-chat with the magpies. Not wanting to be left out he/she called out to us till we stopped and took notice (click here for the full story and pictures).

Over the years many species who do not live in our yard have begun to frequent it, just so they too can enjoy the experience. Birds like koels, willy-wagtails, scaly-breasted lorikeets and many others.

One can foster a very rich and rewarding friendship with our feathered friends with a little perseverance and some techniques. In the next few blog posts I will cover some of the main points that are essential for building a long lasting relationship. These steps include: 

  • Attracting Birds To Your Garden, Balcony or Window Sill
  • Gaining Their Trust
  • Talking To Them
  • Getting To Know Them
  • Listening and Observing
  • Understanding Their Message
  • Keeping a Journal
  • Sharing Your Story

 Along the way I will also encourage you to read the stories on this website, particularly the ones I relate as examples, like the kookaburra and magpie tale, as these are practical examples of how things can unfold and some of the ways in which we have responded that have resulted in many wonderful experiences. Another amazing experience we had was with a striated pardalote. We did not realise the full significance of this bird's message for a long time. These birds too are tiny like the thornbills, but their awareness and spirit is as big as the universe. We have so much more to learn about our awesome winged neighbours. I look froward to hearing your stories and learning from you as well.

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