Spare The Cockatoos A Life Sentence


Caged cockatoos often suffer greatly and end up leading a life time of misery. caged-ckatoo

Wildlife carers Peter Richards and Gabrielle Friebe from the Long Grass Nature Refuge have rehabilitated cockatoos for over seven years (as well as many other species for 35 years).  In the interview below they explain the plight of the pet cockatoo and what one should do to give them a quality of life.

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In this interview you will learn about: 

-  the physical and emotional problems faced by pet cockatoos in cages   

-  the needs of pet cockatoos so they can have a more natural life   

-  essential ways in which to give pet cockatoos a quality of life   

-  elements of a balanced diet necessary for a healthy bird

-  keys to eliminate personality problems, have a better relatioship with your companion bird and a good friendship.


You can listen to the audio and view the pictures below.

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