If I Were A Duck....(and not just a magpie)!

juvenile magpie Monty having a bathAfter the tragic loss of three gorgeous chicks (and possibly more) Maggie and Vicky were happy to be blessed with Monty and Mindy from Vicky's second clutch in 2007. Sophie loved the pair dearly, they help her heal from her loss. Wendy was happy to have two younger playmates - but was a bit overwhelmed by them at times. 

The birds love the lilypot - and look at them bathe. Contrary to what it seems - no, they are not swimming....the pot is filled with well rounded pebbles and fine sand. The birds seem to love the combination as they can rest themselves in the bath and sink their claws in the sand, while still having the sure surface of the rocks to help them climb out.  

Take a look at the slideshow below for a peek at the birds.

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Previous Slide 1/27 NextMonty Loves A SwimMonty urges Mindy to give him roomMonty urges Mindy to give him roomfor a plungefor a plungeand a swim!and a swim!as he turnsas he turns..round.....round.....and round....and round....and still around....and still around....this is great fun....this is great fun....and around again....and around again....one more time....one more time....for another spin please....for another spin please....Do I have to get out?....Do I have to get out?..while Dimpy and Renuthri have a trance napwhile Dimpy and Renuthri have a trance napfor a little longerfor a little longerunperturbed byunperturbed byother going-onsother going-onsnearbynearbyMindy manages to get a bite when Monty leaves for a momentMindy manages to get a bite when Monty leaves for a momentThen Maggie and Sophie join MontyThen Maggie and Sophie join Montyfor another dipfor another dipWendy wants a bit of the action..Wendy wants a bit of the action..Monty with Maggie and MindyMonty with Maggie and Mindyswopping placesswopping placesShall we indulge him Maggie and Mindy wonderShall we indulge him Maggie and Mindy wonderMonty hangs aroundMonty hangs aroundfor another go and Sophiefor another go and Sophiegives him companygives him company

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