Pied Butcherbird

larger black and white butcherbirds

Butcherbird wheeling and dealing

We've had a very interesting week watching (and participating) in the relationships amongst our butcherbirds. On the back side of the house we have our original pied butcherbird family, Butch and Cass and two of their adult children. Along the road is a new pied butcherbird group of five or six, two of whom are two older kids of Butch and Cass, namely Teddy and Tommy, who, I am quite convinced once saved Gitie's life by warning her of a nearby highly venomous snake, and chasing it out of our yard.

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We are not sure what to think about our baby pied butcherbird, Chuckie.

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Just to let you know about recent happenings with Maggie and Co, it's that time of year when the birds arrange their territories for the next twelve months. Not much action with our birds this year though (not yet, anyway). I got a clue that the Mags gang and Larry (grey butcherbird) gang have settled their quarrel. Last week, when I went up to the gate to call Larry, he and Maggie flew in side-by-side, then Maggie landed and Larry went to his nearby tree. But it was a definite signal to me that they are on amicable terms again.

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I Can Be A Duck Too ......(and not just a butcherbird)!

Butch and Cass the pied-butcherbirds have had a better year too.  Chucky is the newest addition to their fold.  Butch and Cass took a leaf out of Maggie's book and have let two year old Dimpy stay on for another year.  They reckon they need the extra pair of eyes (or rather wings) to help them mind their super energetic kids.  Kerry too is enjoying the company having an older and younger sibling around.  Chucky has a beautiful singing voice - really fine and mellow  - quite unusual as he is just a very young chick. 

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Pied Butcherbirds

Adult pair with one-year old ButcherbirdsMagnificent songsters, Pied-butcherbirds are common through most of Australia.  Butch and Cass came into our yard by invitation in June 2002. Little did we know of the joys and rewards that followed, when when their kids began appearing the following year. 

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