quails    In one of those serendipitous moments, I was walking into the kitchen when my eyes spotted a famliy of quails walking down th bank.  The parents were keen to check out the backyard and the six little chicks in tow did not miss a beat as they walked around the lilypots, examined the rocks, walked up to the back door, gazed in for a good look at the human nest and then continued around the flower pots to otherside of the yard.  The blades of grass were taller than the chicks.  The adults were confident, self-assured, extremely aware of their responisbility towards the little ones, as they mustered their young around the garden.  There was no sign of vulnerability, shyness or any hint of feebleness, which surprised me given how easily these birds become prey to others.  The chicks were already displaying their individual personalities.  The quick ones in front hastily rushing of to the next post, while the lingerers at the back taking their time to potter around at leisure before catching up with the others.

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Previous Slide 1/6 NextQuailsSelf assured and determined as they ventureSelf assured and determined as they ventureinto our backyard with their new flockinto our backyard with their new flocka quick glance through the door to check how the humans livea quick glance through the door to check how the humans livesaitisfies the cute and inquisitivesaitisfies the cute and inquisitivetime to move ontime to move onas they continue their explorationas they continue their exploration


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