Noisy Miner

smaller, but cheeky eat-almost-anything birds

Vicky recovered

Our queen Vicky magpie has been free of flu symptoms for a week now, so we are cautiously optimistic that she has beaten the illness that took our pied butcherbirds Gerry and Teddles. But the visits to the nest seem to have been a false alarm; no one has been sitting on any eggs this week as far as we can tell. So we took a walk up the road yesterday and asked our magpies what's up this year.

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Minnie Miner saves me from a snake.

As our beautiful queen magpie Vicky is not feeling well right now, I decided to go and visit her. I walked along the road and spotted her in a tree in our side paddock. I called out hello, and took one step off the road towards the fence. Suddenly, I was confronted by one of our noisy miner friends, screaming loudly at me and looking down:

Minnie miner on fence warning me of a snake that I can't see

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Birds and Animals Celebrate at the Lilypot


minnie and cresty at the lilypot

The rains have broken the drought.  Crested pigeons and Noisy Miners share a drink at the lilypot while the other birds and animals enjoy the fresh grass, new shoots and a greeener summer.

The pictures tell a better story.

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Visits To The Magpies Nests Makes The Kookaburras Talk

The birds love us visiting their patch to look at their nests and catch a glimpse of their chicks.  Most of the time, their nests are too high up in the trees for us to get a look inside.  But once the babes are bigger and peer over the edge, we can introduce ourselves.  Sometimes the chicks even call us and stand up to show themselves.  Maggie and Vicky have always proudly shown us their nests and babes.  Larry and Harrie, the grey butcherbirds too. 

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Noisy Miners

Noisy Miner sitting on the wire

Minnie was the first Noisy Miner to initiate a conversation with us. Noisy Miners are one of the commonest flock birds in eastern Australia. Some folks call them 'mickey birds'.  We call ours 'Minnie birds' as umpteen generations of Minnie's kids have grown up in our yard and delighted us with their play, song and interaction with the magpies, butcherbirds and others. 

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