Laughing Kookaburra

Rescuing Baby Birds

So you've found a lone baby bird... Now what?

Quite simply, a wild animal's chance of survival is greatly increased when left in its natural environment.    Having said that, what about the 25% of babies that are orphans?

When you find a baby bird, before making any decision to intervene, the first thing you have to do is decide which of the following situations we're dealing with:

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Birds and Animals Celebrate at the Lilypot


minnie and cresty at the lilypot

The rains have broken the drought.  Crested pigeons and Noisy Miners share a drink at the lilypot while the other birds and animals enjoy the fresh grass, new shoots and a greeener summer.

The pictures tell a better story.

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Visits To The Magpies Nests Makes The Kookaburras Talk

The birds love us visiting their patch to look at their nests and catch a glimpse of their chicks.  Most of the time, their nests are too high up in the trees for us to get a look inside.  But once the babes are bigger and peer over the edge, we can introduce ourselves.  Sometimes the chicks even call us and stand up to show themselves.  Maggie and Vicky have always proudly shown us their nests and babes.  Larry and Harrie, the grey butcherbirds too. 

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KookaburraKookaburras are the famous Aussie icon with their merry laughter echoing through the gum trees. When Maggie (magpie) was a youngster, he and a Kookaburra we called Kookie used to play a lot together in our yard.

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