Birds and others

Birds' interactions with other animals

Fiona's Peewees Help a Turtle

peeweesFiona loves Peewees and has a favourite Peewee family living in her yard (see slideshow below).  Also called mudlarks, the birds are friendly and get along well with her gorgeous hens (Lucy and Gertrude –Columbian Wyandottes, and Edna - silver-laced Wyandotte), but Fiona was yet to discover how amazing these birds can be.

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7 Tips to Get To Know Your Wild Birds - Part 1

Vicky magpie with visiting rainbow lorikeets  By now you will have a few friends whom you recognise and call by name. The next stage is to get o know more about your birds. 

There are seven main points that you can follow to further develop your relationship with your new wild bird friends.  These are:

1. Make Time For Regular Interaction

2. Learn More About The Species

3. Gain Insight's Into Your Individual Bird Friends

4. Listen for Cues

5. Notice Changes In their Behaviour

6. Keep a Daily Journal

7. Look for Wider Patterns and Stories

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Maggie magpie and Minnie noisy-miner Keep Me Safe From A Snake

Our birds have rescued us from snakes on many occasions.  Magpies, butcherbirds (both the pied and grey species), noisy-miners and others have all played a part at one time or another in keeping us safe.  Most of the time we do not have a camera in hand to capture a photographic record of the event.  But on a few occasions we have been lucky enough to be able to do so.  

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Keys To Encouraging A Diversity Of Birds In The Garden

The superb fairy-wrens are delightful to watch as they play and bathe in the shallow waterbath near our front door. Each morning they make their way from the paddocks beyond, through the lantana weeds and the honeysuckle twines, onto the branches of the weeping rose behind my kitchen window. Here they spend some time catching a few insects for their late morning snack before hopping under the murraya, geraniums and  four-o'clocks all the way to the front.  They absolutely love diving in and out of the bath, like kids at a swimming pool.
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Waiter! There's a Goanna in My Water Bowl!

What's that loud rustling of leaves under the frangipani tree?  The miners are screeching and the butcherbirds sound like they are gargling!  The sound of a plastic bowl tipping over reaches us as we run to the front door just in time to catch a glimpse of the majestic creature searching for water.  Yes, it's a goanna.  He catches sight of us from the c

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