Birds and others

Birds' interactions with other animals

Muriel's Friends

Reader Muriel sent us this story of her Maggie friends.  

Muriel's Maggie

This is Maggie Magpie sitting on the big plant pot being hand fed.

7 Oct 08

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Lynell's Maggies - Part 2 - A New Generation

Reader Lynell sent us more news about her friends Mummy and Daddy Maggie:

To read about the earlier events (part 1) click here

16 March 08

Today I have some very sad news. My lovely Daddy Maggie died this morning & his wife Mummy Maggie is now being attacked by 6 other magpies who are trying to take over her territory.

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Wild Butcherbird Recovers From Eye Disease

Butcherbirds in the wild get conjunctivitis quite often. In most cases the disease does not heal, causing the bird to go blind with tragic consequences. Unable to see, the bird can't find enough food and starves to death or flies into object injuring itself only to fall prey to predators or eventually starvation.

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Sophie has died

Our beautiful Sophie Magpie has passed away.

Yesterday afternoon, despite having shaken off the flu, Sophie still had her eye trouble, and after so long not feeding herself and only eating bread and cheese, was looking shaky on her legs. Also yesterday was, after a warm dry spell, both continuously raining and very cold. She also refused to come down from the bank (about four feet high) to our back yard for food, and we had to throw it up onto the bank for her.

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From A Wild Bird's Heart - A Gift Package

Open the doors to understanding the remakable love and care that exists among wild birds and their intricate social lives.     

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