Muriel's Friends

Reader Muriel sent us this story of her Maggie friends.  

Muriel's Maggie

This is Maggie Magpie sitting on the big plant pot being hand fed.

7 Oct 08

About 8 to 10 weeks ago I began feeding a pair of magpies that visited my yard.  After about a week, 1 of them would fly down each morning as I went to put up the flag, and follow me to the front door.  The second one was more timid and would only take the food if I threw it to him.  I say him, but I don't know what sex it really is.  Both birds would each make about 4 or 5 trips each morning, eating some of the food, and flying off with more in their mouths, presumably to feed their babies.

I had thought they might be feeding young, but then about 3 weeks ago, they seemed to leave the tree where they had their nest, and fly (still with food into their mouths) into another lower and bushier tree nearby.  They are both still coming for food, but now it is at all times of the day, not just morning and afternoon.  I have always spoken softly to them and told them they are beautiful and clever, and as a result they both now fly down the path, land on a large pot next to where I am sitting a feed from my fingers.

19 Oct 08

The last week or so, both mum and dad birds have cut back their visits for food.  Whereas, I could have up to 20 visits a day, now I am getting about 8 per day. 2 x 3 each morning and afternoon.  We think the babies are at an age to fly etc. as we saw mum fly across the road on afternoon and she seemed to feed another bird that was hopping about the ground in the school yard,

For some reason, the larger bird (whom I call Micky) seems to have reverted to a more timid approach to me,  it takes a lot of coaxing to get him to come up to take the food from my hand.

Muriel and Micky-magpie

Mickey Magpie is not as adventurous as Maggie.  He won't hop on to the pot to be fed.  Only stays on the ground.


Muriel and Micky-magpie

Maggie Magpie had had a very hard day, and just needed to lie down, close her eyes and rest for a while.



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