Novelist Resa Nelson's Baby Purple Finches - Part 1

I love your website!  I've been a huge fan of birds all my life and have friends who are bird rehabilitators.  Your stories about birds are charming.  My readers know how much I love birds, and I'm sure they'd love to learn about your site!  I have a Red-Tailed Hawk that I've befriended (by chasing away crows that were mobbing it).  But what my readers know best are my stories of how Purple Finches nest on my balcony every year, just a foot from my window.  In fact, I plan to post a video on YouTube of great footage I got of the babies exercising their flight muscles and nearly flying out of the nest before they were ready and will send you the details shortly.

--  Resa Nelson, Author,
'Our Lady Of The Absolute' - out now! 


Each year Purple Finches nest one foot from  my window.

In each family, one baby takes a leadership role and does something unique.  

baby finches


In this family, the baby leader perches on the edge of the nest.


 baby finches 

the perching baby exercises its flight muscles by flapping its wings.

It's two siblings watch... 

 baby finches

This is something I've never seen a baby Purple Finch do

before.  It's stretching it's legs.  

 baby finches

Notice the tufts of baby fuzz on the birds' heads.  Here

it's easier to see the markings and colouring of the baby's breast.


 baby purple finches

The dominant baby has returned to the nest.

One of its siblings decides to try its wings.

 baby purple finches

...And the were a little more startling than expected. 

Tomorrow I'll post the video so you can see what happens next!


Click here for Part 2

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