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Collared Scops Owl at Ranthambore National Park

Zooming through the Ranthambore National Park in search of tigers, we discovered some beautiful birds in the Indian jungle. Here we have a collered-scops owl snugly resting in the hollow of the minarka.

collared scops owl at Ranthambore National Park

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Green Cay Wetlands - Part 2

by Susan Collins


Reader Susan Collins shares some more of her magnificent photographs and memories from the Green Cay Nature Center at Florida.


Least Bittern

A Least Bittern inspects the duckweed for a juicy meal.

 Least Bitterns. the smallest of all herons live in freshwater marshes rich in dense vegetation or in mangroves. The Bitterns can straddle reeds which enables them to feed in water much deeper than other herons. The birds are very shy running away from intruders jumping from one stalk to another, taking short flights only if necessary and diving back into its favorite hiding spot in the thick vegetation. 


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