Babblers Trusted Our Dogs

Babblers are small, flock birds that often fall prey to predators.  Their size and vulnerability however does not stop them from making friends with other species.

The babblers loved our dogs, because they knew they were safe when the dogs were around. Both Scotty and Benny would chase any hawks that tried to land on the gate or trees in our yard.

Once when the dogs were indoors, a hawk managed to catch one of the babblers. The dogs heard the cry and went running out, but it was too late. For a long time after that, the babblers would only come out in the open if Benny was out there keeping guard. He would sit and watch over them while they hopped about looking for insects in the grass around him. Ron felt Benny was proud of the confidence the birds had placed in him. Sitting amongst the birds keeping a watchful eye Benny looked like he was holding court.

You can read more about the babblers and see a slideshow in the Birds I View gallery of this website under Grey-crowned Babblers


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