The Lilypot Explodes!

There's another explosion -  this time at the big Lilypot!

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Previous Slide 1/21 NextAnother Explosion At the Lilypot!I wonder how this can be?I wonder how this can be?It's a bowerbird this timeIt's a bowerbird this timeHaving a sneak bathHaving a sneak bathThey must love the fine sandThey must love the fine sandand pebbles at theand pebbles at thebottom of these pots.bottom of these pots.The reputation of the LilypotsThe reputation of the Lilypotsis spreading faris spreading farand wideand wideas we find more speciesas we find more speciescoming for a spacoming for a spaand mud bath.and mud bath.They must enjoyThey must enjoysinking their claws into the sandsinking their claws into the sandwhile the pebbles give themwhile the pebbles give themsomething tosomething tohold onto.hold onto.This one's in and outThis one's in and outso quick - it's hard to capture theso quick - it's hard to capture thewater explosions.water explosions.Lucky to catch the trail....Lucky to catch the trail....


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