Being Global - Blockbuster Book Launch Today with Heaps of Gifts!

Like it or not, we are all rapidly “going global”, and you MUST know how dramatically this will affect our economy, your life, your family, perhaps your work. Order the fascinating new book Being Global today during the official launch and you’ll get hundreds of dollars worth of free gifts with it! 

This is not just a book for business people. It’s a book that will fascinate everyone whether you’re working in a job that might be affected by globalization, or simply want to know more about the radically different world you and your family will soon be living in.
A thoughtful, instructive text on . . . the bold perspective we must adopt in
 order to create a future of shared opportunities and shared responsibilities.”
  Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Free gifts during today’s launch include a video produced by the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management and Thunderbird for Good discussing the importance
of global citizenship, Global Mindset Video Training, a Sample Class From Thunderbird Online and much more from International experts!

Please click on this link for more information, ordering and free gifts!



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