Hiding in the Camelia Bush

carpet pythonThe birds were making loud gargling like noises outside the front door!  That's always a sign of danger.

When Ron went to investigate, he found a long python winding his way down.  The birds were diving at it, but the unwelcome visitor was not going to give up that easily. He slid throughthe grass across the pavement and hid him self in the camelia bush. So well had the snake coiled itself that it could not be spotted by the birds or Ron. After much searching the birds decided they were safe and started playing on the frangipani tree next to the camelia bush. But Ron kept looking until he spotted the snake, tightly coiled but with its head poised, alert and ready to pounce in a flash on its unsuspecting prey. Not wanting to leave the birds in reach of such danger, Ron vigorously shook the bush until the snake got fed up and droped out. Spotting their predator the birds once again joined the chase till they sent him over the fence into the wilderness.  The birds have been so great at keeping us safe from snakes, it was really nice to be able to do return the favour this time.

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