Vicky Magpie's suitor tries again

Vicky's suitor, whom we are calling Ritchie, suffered the embarrassments I told you about last time, but it seems he hasn't been entirely crushed by it all. He's back again now trying his best to woo and win Vicky's heart.

Poor Ritchie isn't liked by Mindy and Monty though, and Monty keeps on making attack feints to put Ritchie off his guard. And Vicky, in turn, swipes pieces of food from under Ritchie's nose just as he is about to pick it up. I figure she is telling him "Don't you forget who's top magpie here!" But he is plodding on, saying hello to us, generally doing his best to show what a desirable bird he is. What will Vicky decide?

In other news, dozens of currawongs all around this year, lots of them friendly.


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