Sophie's sick

For a few days now Sophie magpie has looked unwell. I thought it would get better, but she now looks as if her eyes are in trouble also. And she seems to have a runny nose or something, which Butch never did, so it seems to be something other than what hit Butch. She ate some medicine this morning, so we'll keep on feeding her to help her out. If we get a chance, we might have to try to catch her for a trip to the vet. It will be harder though because she isn't coming down from the trees much, unfortunately.

Also on the magpie front, there is a bird from across the gully who obviously knows us very well, because she comes flying in and landing right next to us. Not sure who it is. It might be Philly, Sophie's twin, who left us some years ago now. But if so, Maggie isn't having her coming back home, because he is chasing her back over the gully.

And still no sign of Butch or Cas butcherbird, who have left their two adult kids Dimpy and Kerry in charge. I'm not sure they'll approve of goings on when they get back, because the kids seem to have made friends with one of the birds from the intruder group, and it may be that this bird has now joined their group.

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