Where's Butch?

As I mentioned last time, when we let Butch out, she went to Cas and they spent the day touring their boundaries calling out their song to all and sundry. The song now seems to include our telephone sound!

The next day though, neither Butch nor Cas were anywhere to be found. Only Dimpy and Kerry were here, but strangely, the intruder group seemed less confident with only D & K here then they were while we had Butch in the cage and Dimpy, Kerry, and Cas were out there. D & K are having little trouble holdng their ground. But Butch and Cas remain AWOL.

Are they having a romantic weedend somewhere? Renewing their honeymoon? Visiting relatives? Making a deal somewhere? (Yes, the birds do all these things.) I suppose we'll have to wait and see what develops...

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