Butch gets out of hospital

This morning we gave Butch a good feed, called her family, and let her out. Dimpy came over first and went around the other side of the cage between Butch and the interloper group of butcherbirds, and then when we opened the cage, flew back with Butch into their trees.

Then Butch and Cas did a tour of their boundaries. We heard out 'telephone' ring for the next hour all around the fields. It seems the telephone has become part of their signature tune now.

Gitie went out later and they flew right up to her to say hello, so close that Gitie felt the woosh of their wings in her hair. I think they must have understood why we kept Butch so long.

 A little later, for the first time since we caught Butch, Dimpy landed on the kitchen window sill and looked in and called for food, so the group seems to have regained their full confidence very quickly.

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