Ring! Phone call from Butch!

As you know, we're looking after our pied butcherbird, Butch, who got conjunctivitus that sent him nearly blind.

He is heaps better now. For the first two days in his cage he didn't make a sound, then he slowly started singing. Now he is ringing out his song loud and long, talking to his family outside. But amidst all the din, we heard: Ring! The phone rang, except it wasn't the phone, it was Butch experimenting with chatting with us. He had noticed that when the phone rang, we came running. So obviously, when he wanted us (to chat, or bring more food), what could be better than ringing his own phone?

We are hoping to let him out tomorrow. He is no longer needing the eye drops (which suits him, as we don't have to hold him any more). We are keeping him just a bit longer so he gets antibiotic in his water to make sure the infection is completely gone. But he thinks he is better already and is getting really anxious to go home.


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