Eagle's Nest

by Mark Noon

eagle flying towards its nest

Reader Claire Muskus sent in these rare and lovely pictures of eagles preparing their nest, taken by her friend Mark Noon.

 eagle on her nest

  Most of my pictures are taken in Connecticut – about a ¼ mile from the Farmington River. It has been shady from my location and the nest is positioned on a hill in front of the sun.

eagle flying over it's nest

 It’s amazing how these birds find the “right tree” to build their nest. What do they say about real estate – location, location, location. 

eagle about to land on it's nest

I think the eagles know when I am entering the woods before I do – their distinct loud chirping noise echoes everywhere. 

eagle sitting near it's nest

  The pictures I keep sending out are a wake-up call to make the time to get out once in a while. One of my friends said it must be true what they say about our current society. “We are, many of us, continually absorbed in indoor activities”. Meanwhile nature is softly calling us out of doors. I have really enjoyed providing pictures as a reminder to many of my friends and family.

-- Mark Noon 

 Thanks Mark for the timely reminder and the amazing pics.--  Gitie, Editor



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These pictures are amazing! I really enjoyed this.