Our Sweet Maggie Magpie (2000 - 2009)

 Today we share some sad news with our readers.

Maggie looking beautiful

Our darling Maggie magpie has passed on. He had been looking unwell for a few weeks. He was not limping but looked stressed, so at first we thought he might have sprained himself in a joust with the birds in the gully and would recover in time with a bit of rest and relaxation.

Our dear friend Christine Agro (host of Conscious Animal Radio Show) is also an animal communicator and first alerted us to the fact there was something wrong. Her email arrived the very day we first noticed that he appeared sluggish. Christine suggested some herbs and Maggie did initially respond well to these herbs. Vicky, who had been looking a bit frazzled since the hard work of the baby-feeding season, loved the herbs and regained her strength and energy very quickly. But Maggie's recovery was temporary and he lapsed back into long periods of stillness. We encouraged him to walk into the cage so we could take him to the vet. Christine helped us again by communicating with him and showing him visually what we wanted him to do. While he was getting weaker, every time we looked at him, he would catch a bug and eat it in front of us, and so he hid his true condition from us. The rains have been good this year and, not understanding the seriousness of his problem, we were pleased to see he was getting plenty of his natural foods.

But he could not keep it from us forever, and on 25 Jan Ron noticed he was unable to fly up into his tree in the evening. On 26 Jan, by midday he came into the cage of his own accord after Vicky and the kids urged him to listen to us - another little miracle from our wild bird friends. We took him to the vet and consulted very good wildlife and healing experts. He had a bad case of worms and was starving. He wouldn't have lasted another day. But we gave him deworming medication and our friend Jenny, who is also a healer, gave him healing and also the oneness blessing. Later that night, he went very peacefully and comfortable and loved in our arms. We couldn't have asked him for more. We are very grateful for this angel who entered our life and filled it with magic. Vicky and kids were so loving the next morning. Fully understanding our grief, they seemed thankful that he was with us when he went and not alone somewhere out in the scrub.

So that his family could be sure what had happened, Ron placed Maggie's body for half an hour under the mulberry tree where Sophie had passed and where Maggie had been spending a lot of time for the last two weeks of his life. Vicky then did something quite remarkable: she took a big piece of food (unlike her normal self - for all these years she has only taken small tiny bits) and went to his body, called the baby Georgie and fed her near his body. She wanted him to know that the family was okay, together, still friends with humans and still in his home yard. No one can tell me now that they don't understand about the after life.

Maggie with Vicky and the whole family

We are so glad to have these beautiful angels in our lives and so thankful that he passed away in our arms. That makes it easier to bear the loss.

Maggie's legacy will live on in WingedHearts and Wild Bird Talking E-zine and many books that are underway recounting all the amazingly rich, deep and intricate aspects of their lives that he and his family have shared with us.


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