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Crossley ID Guide - Helps Train Your Brain To Recognise Birds

Crossley Id Guide - Book CoverThe Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds makes bird identification much easier.  Richard Crossley has used over 10,000 of his own photographs to make composite images for over 660 species found in the USA and Canada.  The plates show the birds in natural surroundings as one is likely to find them in the field, from various angles - perched, flying past, close up and afar. The images include male, females, juvis, adults and show their plumage changes over the seasons.  

This is a new approach to bird identification.  In pages 22-27 Crossley explains how the book should be used. Bird Topography is covered in pages 28 - 31 and the book starts with a visual size guide to help the reader understand the proportions of the birds in relation to each other. 

A lover of pictures, the author states he doesn't like text and prefers to use vibrant, colourful images to help train the brain to recognise the different shapes of the birds in their most likely to be seen  scenarios.

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Pingu Magpie & Her Human Victoria


One year old Pingu magpie loves her human friend Victoria.

 Pingu Magpie love her human Victoria


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Antarctic Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide - Book Review


Antarctic Wildlife - Book cover


The Antarctic has become a popular tourist destination. Last year over 80,000 people took the opportunity to cruise around the region with numbers increasing each year.

James Lowen's book is a timely guide.  The paperback flexicover makes it easy and lightweight to carry around.  There are hundreds of superb photographs covering 83 species of birds. Identification of the 24 species of dolphins and whales found in the regions of the Beagle Channel, the Drake Passage and the Antarctic Peninsula are also covered along with 8 species of seals.

The book is also a handy guide for people planning a trip to the region as it discusses the seasonal highlights and the best time to view the different species. 'Where to look' and 'Talking Points' also add insights about each species.

If you're planning a trip to the Antarctic make sure that you take this book with you.  I certainly will.  



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Kensho: A Modern Awakening

KenSho Book CoverKENSHO: A Modern Awakening is a one-of-a kind collection of stories, inspiration and insightful information from profound people living seemingly ordinary lives – who are changing the world in extraordinary ways!

 If the negative news that pervades our daily lives makes you feel untethered and cast adrift, the message of KENSHO will help you gain the perspective to get back on track and to see the world in a renewed light. 

At the heart of KENSHO you’ll discover:

 ~ a deep, intimate sense of where we are headed as a global society

  ~ why more and more people have become disenchanted with corporate life and long to do something that has meaning and value

  ~ why corporate social responsibility is coming to the forefront of our consciousness

 ~ when we create more balance in both our professional and personal lives we allow ourselves to focus on what’s really important

 ~ how the work-place is being redefined through philanthropy, authentic leadership, work-life-balance, social media and attention to the importance of wellness

~ why the path to enlightenment often comes through a crisis

~ dozens of interviews from remarkable people and companies who are positively changing our world

 ~ how to act as a catalyst for change and “awakening” in your own life and your community

 ~ ground-breaking research on the astonishing ability of the brain to change

~ the many benefits of living mindfully

 ~ how to break free of stagnant habits and bring awareness to how your thoughts shape your experiences

 ~ the “age of imagination” and innovative ways to tap into the endless source of creativity

~ a host of tools, information and exercises that encourage change — ultimately inspiring you to live a healthier more fulfilling, conscious life




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Change Without Thinking

For one full day, Eldon  (one of the world’s foremost authorities on pre-conscious learning), spoke at the Putra Trade Center in Malaysia. He taught a packed house and a number of dignitaries including the former First Lady of that country all about Change Without Thinking, and now, through a special arrangement with Hay House, the original footage from Eldon’s incredible presentation has been enhanced and recorded for you to see on three DVDs. Attendees paid several hundred dollars to attend this event and now you can watch it at your convenience - and for only pennies on the dollar—all 3 DVDs (a full workshop) for under$25. 
Click to watch video clips from Change Without Thinking:

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